Step aside Programmatic. Machine Learning is here.

Evolve or bite the dust.

“Programmatic digital ad buying that involves automation and data-driven decision-making, frequently in real-time,” which is how Cowen & Co. defines it.  Programmatic advertising is one-dimensional, and that is a just not good enough anymore for today’s internet.typewriter

Media used to be a one-way street.  Those days are over.  Digital audiences today interact on a two-lane superhighway, sharing viral posts on social media, utilizing video and live streams, in an ever so dynamic ecosystem more than ever.

Why is everyone so crazy about machine learning?  Can we have technology adapt in real-time to meet the demands of a super-dynamic digital media used by today’s digital audience?

It was well described in this article Programmatic Advertising Is Dead by Brian O’Kelley, CEO, AppNexus.

Data can be predictive, but it should also be adaptive. Other industries have embraced machine learning to replicate human insight at scale. The Programmable Age will demand that capability for marketers and advertisers.

What does that mean in real terms? It might mean applying logistical regression to predict whether a particular ad unit will be viewable before a buyer bids on and pays for that unit. Or a recipe blog’s landing page might look different for someone who recently purchased avocados and chips versus someone whose shopping cart is filled with ingredients for chicken soup.

Far from replacing creativity, machine learning will fortify the ingenuity behind great campaigns and deliver a higher return on advertising spend. The programmable internet is highly personalized; its advertising must be as well.”  

Track Revenue is the first marketing analytics SaaS to offer an off-the shelf machine learning solution to its subscribed users; and a customized version to its enterprise customers.  Track Revenue’s machine learning solution is the result of an ongoing engagement with Microsoft’s Cortana Intelligence team to develop an optimization as part of Track Revenue’s solution for the digital marketing industry.  Case studies have proven to increase on average of 38% EPC and 15% ROI.

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Track Revenue is a powerful media-buying software for top-flight performance marketers. Designed by former media buyers, and developed by Silicon Valley engineers, you can have confidence that we were built for performance. We are easy to use, powerful, and beautiful.  Check us out here.


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