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Customer case studies reported an average increase of 38% EPC and 15% ROI

Track Revenue is proud to launch Machine Learning for campaign optimization powered by Microsoft Azure.  This is the result of an ongoing engagement with Microsoft’s Cortana Intelligence team to develop an optimization as part of Track Revenue’s solution for the digital marketing industry.  To highlight the results, Track Revenue recently completed case studies with 6 major clients.  During each case study, Track Revenue optimized 100s of campaigns generating upwards of 1,000,000s of machine learning predictions per day.  Customers experienced beneficial results of an overall average 15% ROI increase, 12% conversion rate increase, and 38% EPC increase.  Based on this success, Track Revenue is expanding this as an “add on” optional feature to all customers with paid subscriptions.  Please contact an Account Executive for details.

What if you could apply artificial intelligence to optimize the profitability of media campaigns, and let the media buyer perform higher-level decision making?  

Brands and advertisers sell the most effectively to an audience they understand well; and they sell even better when these customers’ buying choices are predictable.  Track Revenue is trailblazing other analytics SaaS with prediction-to-action technology, essentially allowing media buyers to just setup a campaign and leave it while the technology does all the optimization.

How does this work? It starts when someone clicks on an advertisement. A collection of data points is sent to Cortana Intelligence Suite, then those predictions are sent back to Track Revenue which takes decisive action to serve the best advertisement to that person.  This entire process occurs within milliseconds.  Track Revenue is optimizing conversions in real time!


“Ultimately it is not going to be about man versus machine.  It is going to be about man with machines,”   – Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO at Build 2016.

Microsoft has been a dominant developer of machine learning since the launch of Bing search engine and is making strides in AI technology.  Track Revenue’s media buying software is currently one of the most advanced online marketing tracking platform available today.  Track Revenue’s engineering team led by Eric Yip, received approval for a special program to work directly with Microsoft data scientists tailoring Cortana Intelligence Suite specifically for the performance marketing industry.  Subsequently after months of modeling, and recalibrating, and running pilot campaigns, Track Revenue determined that our customers could really benefit from this.  This innovative solution leverages Azure Machine Learning, Azure Event Hubs, Azure Stream Analytics, and Azure Tables to optimize in near real-time. All this has resulted in Track Revenue’s release of Machine Learning for campaign optimization built with Cortana Intelligence Suite.

Exhibit 1:  Machine Learning Optimization Shown to Increase EPC

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Description: Example Track Revenue Machine Learning optimized campaigns in Australia and United Kingdom during a one month period.

Exhibit 2:  Machine Learning Optimization In Real Time

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Legend: This chart represents 1 campaign with 8 products being marketed over a 17 hour time period. Each line represents 1 of the 8 products being marketed.  Each column is 1 hour within that 17 hour time period.  

Description: Track Revenue optimized this campaign by selecting between 8 products using  machine learning. The first 12 hours involved data testing, with actions favoring 2 products.  At the 13th hour, data predictions favored 3 products (orange, yellow, green).  At the 14-17th hours, top 2 products were orange and blue with the highest actions.  

Case Studies

A few chosen industry leaders in various fields are already active customers of our machine learning algorithms.  After testing their marketing campaigns using our machine learning feature, and after realizing the gains have decided to migrate many of their campaigns to our platform.

Advertising Agency focusing on mobile advertising globally with annual revenues of $8 million

Advertising Agency focusing on digital advertising globally with annual revenues of $4 million

Mobile App Advertiser that develops innovative security apps

Affiliate Network focusing on digital advertising globally with annual revenues of $36 million

Ad Network that trades display advertising units on their RTB platform

Ecommerce Advertiser that produces and sells their products direct to consumers worldwide


Who benefits the most?  

Those who can benefit from machine learning is anyone marketing multiple products, using multiple ad creatives, and has a general need for predicting the optimal product offering to a wide online audience.  Whether this user is a company trying to market their products online, or an agency or network that is media buying, our prediction technology can intelligently optimize those ad campaigns for managers to focus more on strategy and high level planning.

Through this engagement with the Cortana Intelligence team, Track Revenue also has access to the latest and greatest from Microsoft Azure.  The Azure platform provides production-level cloud services that support high throughput event processing, machine learning and stream analytics in a fully scalable environment.  Track Revenue joins an esteemed list of Azure partners that currently include high-profile clients such as Pearson, Ford, NBC News, GE Healthcare, 3M, to name a few.  In addition Azure links well with key Microsoft on-premise systems such as Windows Server, System Center, and Active Directory; in addition to their strength with PaaS capabilities.

We Proudly Announce

Track Revenue is proud to launch Machine Learning for campaign optimization powered by the Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite.  To activate the feature on your account, please contact  your Account Executive.


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About Track Revenue

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